Aasare Charitable Trust (Regd.)

Mankind has progressed by leaps and bounds and has attained great heights in all spheres of life. Unfortunately, alongside these great achievements there are also miserable failures. The failure to eradiate human suffering and want is perhaps the greatest blot in the history of man’s progress. This blot needs to be erased before mankind can boast of its achievements. To achieve true progress we need to lend our ears, hearts and hands to those in need. The cries for help need to be heard and the tears of suffering needs to be wiped away by the willing hearts and hands.  The Aasare Charitable Trust is an honest initiative to kindle the spirit of human kindness in all, so that we can put in our mite and might into helping our fellow human beings leads a life of dignity and respect.

As we progress through the journey of life we applaud those who have achieved success but very often we close our eyes, ears and hearts to the cries of those struggling for survival. In today’s materialistic world the weak, the poor and the down trodden have no voice and more often than not they live and die  in deep despair with no help coming fro any where to ease their suffering. The Aasare Charitable Trust is a sincere effort to extend a helping hand to those neglected and forgotten by society.

There are good Samaritans amongst us with the heart and will to extend a hand to those in need, but what is lacking is a platform for these good souls to come forward and offer their support. The Aasare Charitable Trust is an initiative, an honest effort to bring such like minded compassionate spirits together so that we can work as one to brush away the tears of suffering and help build a better future for those innocent victims of societies cruel ways.

What are you waiting for? Join the movement and enforce a positive change, the heavens await your concern.